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A Continent of Broken Dreams~ a cautionary warning•

The essence of this blog has always and will continue to be, simplifying constructive arguments to its most minimal base and not clouding your mind with unnecessary jargons that deflect from the real problems we seek to address.

The African continent has been touted by many and rightly so as the next big frontier of the global economic boom. It’s seen as the continent of exponential growth and limitless possibilities. Nigeria and South Africa, the biggest economies on the continent  have attracted massive foreign investments and infusion of cash from China, to Russia, Latina America and offcourse the United States of America, all in a bid to cash in and get their own piece of the ginormous “African Pie”

I wholeheartedly support capitalism in its purest form. The undiluted and unaldurated type. The type that gives everyone  an equal opportunity to succeed through hard work and diligence. But we all know that’s impossible to find these days. African leaders and those in positions of power are getting richer while the middle class and working people hardly see the benefit of any infusion of cash. Corrupt officials hijack the process and the foreign companies grease their palms and acquiese to these shady practices. These are not innuendoes or hearsay reports, in the last decade big companies like Halliburton have been found guilty of corruption in Africa.

On paper Africa is growing at great rate and all is well, but I caution those who are overly optimistic about this. Every nation is as strong as its working force or middle class and the ability to bring in viable, young men and women to continue the growth of that sector. This sectors is what fuels any economy, and it should be continually nurtured, pruned and watered to guarantee the economic engine is well fueled. This is not happening today. All over Europe  young able bodied African migrants risk their lives and family to make it to “greener pastures”, this same boisterous economy touted by economists cannot give them jobs. So they leave the mother land in search of a better life, with the resignation to fate that they may well die on the way to their “promised land”.

This is a big indictment on the leadership of African countries when young and able bodied people flee their countries in droves in search of a better life beyond the shores of the continent. A continent supposedly large enough atleast by economic estimates cannot provide and keep its brightest and future generation.

The best people we have, the ones  that should serve as the foundation for the future, those who should be leading a new wave of economic, literary and scientific juggernauts that will make Africa a top world influencer continue to leave in droves. Instead of building our own dreams we inadvertently export our best and brightest to build the dreams of other nations.

Africa has grown in leaps and bounds over the past decades, and this is by no means a post to belittle all the good things that have happened on the continent, but a failure to retain our best and brightest, who will build on those achievements defeats the whole purpose of growth. Failure to reverse this trend will send us into a downward spiral, one that may just land us in a place far worse off than where we started.


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