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Money Terrorism.. My Take on the Boko Haram insurgency.

Those who call themselves freedom “fighters”/ “terrorists”/ jihadist”, and are willing to die based on an ideology which they wholeheartedly believe in, do it based on that ideology alone for the most part. These beliefs are usually hinged on the concept of freedom, liberation and  justice. However perverted the principles they espouse are to the “rational” person, to them its their truth.

However in Nigeria, there is a new trend, one that is subliminally hidden behind all the talk of jihad and Islamic liberation. This new trend is what i have termed “Money terrorism

Boko haram is a terrorist group based out of the northern part of Nigeria. They have been responsible for multiple killings, bombings and senseless acts of violence against innocent civilians and people.They believe only in the “pure”, “unadulterated” and strict Islamic teachings. Now, this group led by its leader Abubakar Shekau claim these acts of violence are based on turning Nigeria into an Islamic state and nothing more. They claim its a fight based on right and wrong as they perceive it.

I beg to differ. I differ wholeheartedly. These acts are based on a carefully orchestrated and premeditated play book by some people in government, cowardly northern leaders and people with financial interests in the continuation of this violence. We have a president who is highly incompetent and who set a dangerous precedent when he gave amnesty with no proper limitations and stipulations to the touts who masqueraded themselves as freedom fighters in the Niger Delta.  After he granted them amnesty, he started paying a handful of these leaders millions of dollars through fictitious contracts. One notable leader Government Tompolo’s company was awarded a $103.4 million contract to protect the nations waterways, and stop the theft of crude oil. Just in case you were wondering crude oil theft has increased since the contract was awarded.. In addition to that, Niger delta touts Asari Dokubo, Ateke Tom and Government Tompolo receive 9million,3.5 million and 22.5 million USD respectively every year from the Nigerian government to keep the peace in the delta. These payment are to keep the militants from destroying  pipelines and reducing oil exports which in turn hurt Nigeria’s oil revenue and bottom line.

So for any proper thinking capitalist this situation is a gold mine, one with a bottomless pit of wealth funded by the rich allure of oil money.There are millions of dollars to be made by being a nuisance and a thorn in the flesh of the Nigerian government. Instead of coming down on these criminals, and prosecuting them to the full extent of the law. President Goodluck Jonathan is pretty much appeasing them and rewarding these lawless acts of violence with money, and power and influence.

When certain power brokers and cowards in the northern part of Nigeria who dare not show their faces see this trend they start to fund their own rebellious group in the north. One which disguises as an Islamic jihadist group and starts to wreck havoc. Killing innocent children, abducting innocent girls, blowing up buildings and making propaganda videos.

So here we have it. Boko haram will stop all their acts of violence if they get amnesty without limitations or stipulations like the Niger Delta militants got. They also want a piece of the loot, That ever buoyant federal treasury account stashed with oil money and which is replenished daily when our crude oil is sold on the open international oil market. They want to be appeased to stop their violence, and why not? the precedent has been set ,and they want to get the same treatment the touts in the Delta got.

So don’t be fooled my friends,its hocus pocus! Just like the crooked magician who displays his tricks and you wonder in amazement on how he managed those feats, they want you to focus on one thing while they do another…. They want to keep you distracted while they make millions of dollars for their greedy selves, while simultaneously keeping you engaged in the belief that they fight for Islam and nothing more.

Its all Money Terrorism, the new way to make money off an incompetent and inept government. One that lacks the testicular fortitude to fight corruption head on, and keep the motherland safe.








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