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Syria, Assad and the gamble that the world will do nothing.


International law is vague, it’s very difficult to define and the premise of international law is a challenging phenomenon to any sovereign nation. It’s challenging because as a sovereign nation, your rights to carry out actions without outside interference is at the core of your independence. However, when you as a head of state, president or principal actor in a country take certain actions which dehumanize, kill on a mass scale or carry out illegal and immoral actions with grave humanitarian consequences you trigger that concept of international law, which can challenge your independence and sovereignty. Simply put, international law is triggered by the offending country’s actions which in most cases are repugnant to natural justice, equity and fairness.

With that being said, let’s look at syria’s actions especially in the last week, where the Basha Al Assad led government from very strong evidence has been fingered for using chemical weapons on it’s own people killing hundreds of young children, women and men.

These actions cannot and should not go unpunished. They should not be condoned. I am not a fan of war neither am i advocating war in this instance; But what history has taught us is that we must not sit down, look away and condone evil, evil that we might  regret not addressing in the future. There are plenty examples : the genocides in Rwanda we waited too long, the ethnic cleanings in Serbia we did not act in good time and these are moments we look back at today, and wish we had done more and acted swiftly to prevent the mass killings that followed their aftermath.
The UN security council detractors, Russia and china do not want any sort of action on Syria because they want to protect their economic interest and quest for strategic regional dominance. Not once have they condemned the actions of this monster who can use such lethal chemicals with impunity and expect no reaction. Their greed and economic benefits outweigh any illegality the regime may have done, and continues to do. Their moral compass is totally turned off.

We Americans are very reluctant to start another war and with very good reason. The casualties of Iraq and Afghanistan are still rising and even as we draw down on those wars, we want the focus to be on strengthening the American economy and not spending billions on another war. I don’t think this will be a full scale war, the administration is reluctant to engage in a full fledged war.It is  also very aware that it must have incontrovertible evidence of Assad’s guilt before it goes in and launches any sort of action. However, the immorality and criminality of Assad’s actions require us to stand up for what is right as difficult as it may seem. This is a tough decision, but decisions that define how history will judge you are never easy. Everyone agrees something should be done, but no one wants to do anything. We can not turn our backs on this evil, and the only reason we give is that it’s not our business.

Syria might appear far away from the lush and green shores of the United states, but evil moves quick , if we do not stand up for the defenseless Syrians it might as well embolden those who want to do evil to America to try to bring it to our shores.


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