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Do or Die Politics rears it’s head again…..

The most treasured element of a true democratic society is the ability of its franchised to cast their vote for whoever they so desire, without any fear of intimidation or harassment. The vote is the most powerful voice of a citizenry. Or is it? How emblematic is that statement in a chaotic society.

Those who run for public office should also be able to seek the mandate of the people without any fear of their lives being in danger. I wish i could say that for what is going on in Nigeria today

The 2011 elections in Nigeria are coming up and that smell of fear, death and harassment  of past elections permeates the political atmosphere. Our political history has memories of death and disappointment, from the death of MKO Abiola, to Bola Ige the former attorney general who was gunned down in cold blood in his home, to Funso Williams, and most recently Dipo Dina, the thirst for power is fueled by violence once election season starts.

A couple of weeks ago, Gbemisola Saraki a Nigerian senator almost fell to the same fate that had befallen plenty before her. Her house was stormed by armed men asking specifically to see her, she was lucky she wasn’t home.

These elections are especially important for us. Because the leaders we elect will decide how our future in economics, science, sports, infrastructure, politics and international relations will be charted in the next 8 years. We need to elect visionary men and women who know what the stakes are. The world is moving faster than we can comprehend in Nigeria, and indeed most of Africa. But we are still stuck in the dungeons of ancient civilization. We still do not have constant power, the same problem the cave men wrestled with millions of years ago, we still haven’t solved.

We will become an obsolete Nation if we do not adjust to economical, political and technological advancements of this every growing and changing world.

Our moral compass is decayed. Instead of discussing and planning how we can be a more viable and prosperous country, our leaders plot to kill for power. When evil men and women will kill for power, it makes their motives for government service questionable. Do they really want to serve us this desperately that they will kill whoever stands in their way,rather than persuade the public to vote for them through, campaigns, debates and all other avenues afforded them? . The obvious answer is no. They want to loot the treasury plain and simple.

It has become a staple of Nigerian society, get elected into government and you will come out super wealthy. So the essence of Politics has turned from serving to stealing and looting. Most of these politicians don’t even have a clue of what service means.

What legacy do we pass on the millions of children in Nigeria who hope for a better future. Like a father, the legacy you live your child will most likely determine what kind of person he turns out to be. The Nigerian children are at risk. They cry out for a better future, one of certainty and stability. But their government, and society fail them.


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