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Pedophilia in the Corridors of Power

The moral fabric of any society is its most revered, it’s most treasured. Because without morality we loose our sense of value, and our foundation for a civilized society gradually erodes us.

Our sense of respect for our values is once again called into question by the despicable acts of Senator Yerima, a pedophile, and a child molester.

Senator Yerima a sitting Senator and former governor of Zamfara state in Northern Nigeria recently married a thirteen, YES! YOU HEARD ME RIGHT! 13 year old Egyptian girl. The marriage allegedly took place in Abuja because the Egyptian authorities frowned at the idea of a 13 year old girl getting married in their country. He also allegedly paid $100,000 dollars to the family of this poor little girl.

This man makes me sick to my stomach. But what makes me even angrier is the response of the government. People will always break the rules of society that is why we have laws to keep people in check and ensure that laws are respected. But the Federal government has been quiet, acting as an accomplice after the fact, and condoning this despicable act of child abuse.

The provisions of the Child Rights Act clearly forbids a marriage between an adult and a minor. It is forbidden because a minor is considered as someone that cannot take full responsibility and consent  for his or her actions. It is not conceivable that the marriage between the Senator and the child had been done with the girl’s knowledge of the full implications of it.

The federal government is without question an accomplice with Yerima for its silence and inaction. The government should have made it clear that child abuse and child “marriage’ is totally unaccepted by arresting and charging him to court to send a strong message. What “evidence” does the government need? Do they not have the Immigration Landing papers, passports and Abuja mosque imam and eye witnesses including senators who attended the “marriage” ceremony? Do they not have Yerima’s own admission that he is following only Islamic laws and the Prophet not Nigerian laws? Do they not have evidence of Yerima’s earlier “marriage” to another 15year old whom he disposed like used toilet paper to “marry” this younger 13 year old? Why did the government not cancel Yerima’s official passport to show its disapproval of his pedophilia and disregard for Nigerian laws? Any government really serious about fighting certain evils in Nigeria and improving Nigeria’s horrific international image would have taken serious actions against Yerima and other public office holders breaking the laws with impunity.

The culture of arrogance, lawlessness and impunity by the political/power class must stop. Yerima has subsequently explained through a BBC interview that he is bound only by Islamic laws, forgeting that he swore to uphold the constitution of Nigeria as the supreme law of the land. According to Yerima, he was merely following his Prophet in Islam and anyone criticizing Yerima’s pedophilia and criminality was attacking Islam. By the way this is his fourth wife.

Nigerians all over the world condemn this crazy mans action. This is not who we are. We are a morally upright and respectable people. But yet again our government fails us. It’s silence and inaction on this matter goes to show how decayed our moral fabric has become.

Our elected officials have become immersed and consumed by the thirst for power and money; that the little values that define a society eludes their consciousness and thinking. What a shame.

I hope those in authority will take a deep look at themselves, and their ways.

This innocent girl is being raped and abused day after day, and nothing is being done. I weep for Nigeria!


One Response to “Pedophilia in the Corridors of Power”

  1. My fellow nigerians ,especially women, what do you have to say about this shameful situation? why are the women of our country not protesting the issue of PEDOPHILIA IN THE CORRIDORS OF POWER! indeed this is so common in nigeria amongst senators and most law makers no less. do they care how old the girls they engage in sexual encounters are? how many of these so called law makers and upstanding citizens have slept with an under aged child? How many of them have slept with their underaged househelps? How many women have reported their husbands for this despicable act? An incidence that happened last year in enugu, where the M.D of Enugu State housing Corporation Chief Ikeje Asogwa was accused by his girlfriend of trying to have her eliminated by a hired assasin, during the course of this investigation it was discovered that his ex wife Judith Asogwa had accussed him through her lawyer one Ehimare Ehoho of having illicit sex with the nanny GIft when she took the kids on holidays to their fathers place.what did she do? she sent the girl packing and went back to the rich chief who is in the corridors of power. this was a celebrated case which the Governor of the state was well aware of but did anyone do anything ? after all Gift was just a househelp while Chief is in Govt. what is wrong with our women that they cover up the enemy within. are our children safe from such men, who says that from house helps they will not pray on your daughters? these men are sexual molesters of our innocent daughters. why is yerima marrying the daughter of his driver? why not the 13 year old daughter of one of hispowerful friends , are they not beautiful enough for him? what more proof do we need, people were witnesses at the wedding. Ikeje Asogwa’s wife in enugu gave all the proof needed as she said the girl Gift confessed to her what happened. These men should be arrested and made to face trial for Statutory Rape of these minors! Report All Incidences, Expose these men. KEEP OUR DAUGHTERS SAFE!!!

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