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I have always paid particular attention to how I look, and most especially how I dress. From the moment I reached puberty, and started looking for and getting girl’s attention, I knew image was key. You have to have it together! When I went grocery shopping with my mum as a teenager, I was always attracted to the stylish, fashion, haute couture magazines, and I eagerly flipped through the pages for fashion inspiration and guide.

About 10 years ago I decided GQ was the total package for me after sampling other magazines in that category. I religiously started reading the magazine and I haven’t stopped since. What I love the most about G.Q is that it’s not just a fashion or style magazine, it has all the information the modern man needs to know; politics, sports, entertainment, music. It’s just the total man monthly handbook. Its versatility is its most appealing attribute to me.

We all know image is Key! I can’t say that enough, that’s why there is nothing like seeing a brother looking tight (and with that I mean white or black guy). From the classic, to the contemporary and the modern man your style is as defining a statement as your biggest accomplishment. A great suit can turn that interview to a job; it can turn that proposal to a deal sealer and vice versa.

You don’t have to be packing major stash to dress well; it’s all about having an eye for the good stuff, and being able to spot a good bargain. The designer outlet malls also help. The Saks off fifth and Niemen Marcuses help bring those sometimes crazy prize tags to very affordable ones. Once you know what u want money won’t be an issue, you will always gravitate toward the very nice stuff that fit your budget. And there is tons of great stuff the every day guy can afford and look very stylish.

Culturally some countries are more fashionable than others; Italian men are regarded by many as the most fashionable men in the world, and Italy is considered the fashion capital of the world. Most average European men seem to be more fashionable than the average American guy. So I guess we can conclude that society and culture plays an important role in fashion.  In Africa, Nigerian men rule fashion!

There is a trend now with more men paying attention to how they look and dress, and that’s a good thing.  Women have always paid particular attention to how they look, so why not men? Men don’t have to be shy, or fear being labeled as gay because they look fly, Fly is good!! So for every man out there,   grab a copy of G.Q, or look for a man magazine that works for you. Learn how to buy a suit and how to wear one, learn how to knot a tie, get a good watch, and smell good. Gradually transform your wardrobe and embrace the fresh, clean inner guy in you

Loose some baggy, go slim! And see how your new image will add some game and swagger to you. Every one has his own individual sense of style and Fashion, but fashion is revolving, style is forever, it’s static. Look for you style niche and stay in it.



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