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News around Nigeria! This should make you pause and ask WHY?

1. Lagos State Governor Babatunde Fashola has declared that the state Continuously Operating Reference Station (CORS) and Global Positioning System (GPS) which has been successfully completed will soon come up live.

Like this is what we really need at this time. This is the bane of  the Nigerian society, we fail to prioritize. In a country that can’t provide is citizenry with uninterrupted power, clean water and Proper health care facilities. Suddenly the GPS takes priority. God help  us!

2. EFCC declares James Ibori wanted again!!

Another big joke. The corrupted and deeply infiltrated anti graft body goes on a wild goose chase, for a man defiant to both the law, and the intelligence of the Nigerian people. Lets see how this one ends

3.Goodluck Jonathan admits to CNN’s christiane Amanpour that he has not seen President Yardua since his mid night sneak into the country from Saudi Arabia where he was for months in a hospital, been treated for a mysterious illness.

This one is just a classic. Acting president Goodluck Jonathan told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour that he has not seen the president since he came back for Saudi Arabia. The interview is revealing and leaves me dumb founded. Here is the link.

4.Babangida declares for president in 2011.

In a bid to capitalize on the grievances of the North on how Yardua has been treated in the face of his incapacity. Babangida, Yes ,that same

Babangida, the self acclaimed maradona pops up again. The man who annulled Nigeria’s freest and fairest election in it’s history, declares for presidency in 2011. Only in Nigeria!


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