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The Good should not be the enemy of the Perfect.

The  health care debate that has raged on for the last year has had many obstacles. I must admit that the health care detractors have been very successful in their” modus operandi,” in opposing the plan. Their death panel claims, the bankrupting of the national treasury argument, and the notion they have a better and affordable way of reforming the health care system, seemed to have resonated with a substantial number of Americans. At least, the fierce opposition and protest at the town hall meetings in the summer bears testament to this.

The opposition to the plan looked to have worked. The white house and the democratically controlled House and Senate paused to ponder, and for a minute it seemed that this health care plan was doomed for failure. The President’s biggest priority ran the risk of going down with similar efforts of the Clinton administration. All fingers pointed to the President’s plan of  detaching himself and not taking ownership of the bill; and allowing the legislature craft the bill with Nancy Pelosi being the one in the driver’s seat.

But just as it seemed all hope was lost, the President seems to have found his “mojo” again. He held the heath care summit last week, and he demonstrated tremendous expertise on the complex health care issues. He took ownership of the bill, and decided to press on with health care reform. Yesterday, he made the calculation to move forward with an up and down vote. He decided to do this notwithstanding the Political implications. He will do the ‘right thing, not what is politically expedient” he said

He did not entertain the republican notion, of starting all over. Let’s not forget that the republicans controlled the house for the last eight years, before Obama came into office. Not once did I see a concerted effort to reform healthcare and help lower premiums. The republicans are just trying to oppose the bill at all cost and do not want to work with this president. At least not on this bill.

The number of Americans filling for bankruptcy, due to health care bills are on the rise. Premiums are rising every year and insurance companies keep making huge profits, while denying people coverage because of preexisting conditions.

Where does our moral compass lie? The Iraq war cost millions, yet they can find money to fund it, but they can’t provide  affordable heath care for the American people. The richest country in the world cannot provide proper and affordable  health care for its citizenry? I find this appalling!

No matter how much we disagree on this bill, no matter how much we disagree on its contents, from an ideological or fiscal standpoint. It is still a step in the right direction. This bill will make sure there is no more denial on the basis of pre-existing conditions and competition will help lower premiums. It will help more American families afford health care and have access to a basic essential necessity. It’s not a perfect bill, but its a good bill, and the good should not be the enemy of the perfect.


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